Here you will find answers to some of the various questions we are asked regularly.

How much does it cost and how to I buy a ticket?
Nothing, zilch, nada! Entrance is free and no ticket is needed but we do ask for a suggested donation of £5.

When is it?
Friday the 3rd of November. Just that simple!

I’m silly enough not to own a MINI, can I still come?
Ofcourse! Anyone is welcome but if you do turn up in something other than a MINI please don’t be offended if you are asked to park out of the way or if we should judge you on your poor choice of vehicular transport.

Can I take my car out on track?
All track spaces are now sold out so no, you were just too slow to register, I warned you!

Can I bring my dog?
It is an active motor circuit. It will be loud at times and there are vehicles moving around the paddocks. Please do not bring your beloved pets!

Is it really on the Friday? Not the Saturday?
YES! It really is happening on a Friday. Best make sure you’ve booked that day off or got a good story to tell your boss when you call in sick!

Will there be a parade lap?
Yes, Priority will be given to the track-day drivers and traders. We only have a small grid to line up on and space is limited. Disappointed? Best register for track time next year!!

Can I go out as a passenger?
Of-course! Head on over to the Jackie Stewart Pavilion to sign your life away, pay your donation (We recommend £10) and receive your wristband. You’ll then be free to ride shotgun with your friends but make sure all arms and legs are covered before strapping in! 

How do I get a ride in the MINI Challenge Race Cars?
After signing up as a passenger in the pavilion, You’ll then be able to purchase a ticket. Please be aware that the seats in these cars are SNUG! Before you are strapped in make sure you have your helmet with you, there are NO loose items in your pockets and are not wearing big/bulky coats otherwise you may be turned away until you are ready.

Any more questions? Really? Okay… drop us a message on the Facebook page HERE.